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WACUHO Committee Awards


Joan F. Mortell Award

The purpose of the Joan F. Mortell award is to provide financial support to an individual member of the Association who supports the advancement, development, and mentorship of women. The recipient will be selected based upon personal demonstration of what the applicant will gain and contribute as a result of attending the annual WACE conference. One award is available for the Annual Conference. The award covers $650 to assist with the cost of conference registration, travel and lodging. This money will be awarded in the form of a reimbursement. Selection is made through the Women of WACUHO committee.

Prior to 2017, the Joan F. Mortell award was given to a new professional attending the Western Training Institute (WTI).

New Professional Annual Conference and Exposition Awards

Two $650 awards are provided to new professionals attending the WACUHO Annual Conference and Exposition. Selections for these awards are also made through the New Professionals Committee. The award covers the cost of registration, and the remaining balance may be applied toward lodging and/or travel.


Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Award

The Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Award is a $650 award. Selection is made through the EDI Committee. The award covers the cost of registration for the Annual Conference and Exposition, and the remaining balance may be applied toward lodging and/or travel costs to the conference.

WACE Conference Awards

John Yarborough Award (ACUHO-I Best Of)

The John Yarborough/ Best of the West is awarded to the top program presenter(s) at the WACUHO Conference based on evaluation scores that demonstrate presenter knowledge and outstanding session content and design. The WACUHO John Yarborough "Best of the West" award of $1000 is specified to use toward the ACUHO-I Annual Conference and Exposition - ACE. In addition, ACUHO-I has partnered with My Favorite Student as an exclusive sponsor to support the $1000 ACUHO-I "Best of" award for each region. These combined awards are specified for ACUHO-I Annual Conference and Exposition - ACE. If the winner is unable to attend ACE, s/he retains the John Yarborough award title and, the monies may be awarded to the next eligible program presenter.

R.W. Gang Award

The R.W. Gang Award is named in memory of Mr. R.W. Gang the 12th President of the Association. RW served CACUHO and WACUHO faithfully through the years as a university housing staff member involved in several aspects of the organization. Later in life, R.W. continued his relationship with the organization as a vendor and corporate friend. It is for R.W.’s enthusiasm, humor, love for his colleagues and dedication to Housing that an award is honored in his name. A $250 donation is made every year to the ACUHO-I Foundation of Excellence in honor of the WACUHO RW Gang Award winner.

WACUHO Year Awards

Volunteer of the Year Award

The purpose of this award is to give the chairs of the various WACUHO committees an opportunity to bestow a special recognition upon a committee member who has made a significant contribution to the success of a committee. The recipient of this award is typically someone with whom the committee would have had difficulties achieving their goals had the individual not been involved.


Jim "JB" Brock Spirit of WACUHO Award

The Jim "JB" Brock Spirit of WACUHO Award honors an Association member who characterizes the ideals of partnership, teamwork and imagination, qualities that embody both the Organization and the award’s namesake. Jim "JB" Brock, 40th President of the Association (1996-1997), was truly a legend in his own time, deeply impacting everyone with whom he worked. Known for his infectious laugh and beaming, ever-present smile, JB was a WACUHO mainstay who shaped and guided the Association for three decades in innumerable spotlight and background roles. With an exuberant personality that made everyone feel welcomed and valued, JB enthusiastically mentored generations of new professionals and caringly supported his friends and colleagues. The Jim "JB" Brock Award winner is selected by the Executive Committee to recognize members whose significant contributions to the Association reflect JB’s legacy.

Charles L. Miller Award

The Charles L. Miller Award is named in memory of Mr. Charles L. Miller, the 30th President of the Association. Throughout his career, Charles L. Miller, better known as "Charlie," exemplified the highest level of dedication to our profession, provided outstanding leadership and role modeling for seasoned veterans and new professionals alike and was known for his tremendous sense of humor. His death at such a young age only served to accentuate the wonderful contributions, accomplishments, and valuable service he gave to our Association. In fond memory and respect to him and his family, this award has been bestowed on those who, like Charlie, have made a difference in the Association as well as in the lives of colleagues and the student population that the Association serves. A $250 donation is made every year to the ACUHO-I Foundation of Excellence in honor of the WACUHO Charles L. Miller Award winner.

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