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WACE 2023 Session Commitment
By submitting this proposal I am agreeing to uphold WACE 2023's commitment to offering engaging sessions that are accessible to a variety of learners. This includes but is not limited to providing fun ways of activating learning, verbally explaining all visuals shared, using large print/fonts on slides, and offering multiple ways to interact with attendees.

For more information about WACUHO's Inclusivity Statement, visit


Call for Sessions! (1).png

Western Association of College and University Housing Officers (WACUHO) welcomes all WACE attendees to consider presenting their work at this year’s WACE on April 16-19 in Henderson, NV.

Sessions Proposals have CLOSED.

Stay tuned for WACE 2024 sessions!

Go to WACE Sessions Overview to see the approved sessions!

Review the full set of questions.

You can also use a fillable word document and email responses to the Programs Committee instead at

Helpful Tip!

Keep in mind that our conference theme is "All In! - Inclusion, Investment, Intentionality". “All” referencing that as WACUHO we are focusing on all of us and our needs - how can we prosper, be sustainable, ensure healthy habits and accessibility. “In” pertaining to what will keep us going withIN and the community we are able to build withIN the WACUHO region and beyond.


“All In” also provides a central focus on how we as WACE can be “all in” for being more inclusive, creating and receiving investment, and being more intentional with us all from showing up, bringing what we learned and did at WACE back to our campuses and moving into praxis. Proposals that integrate this theme will receive priority in our selection process.

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