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WACE 2022 Interviews and Candidate Socials


There will be an opportunity for on-site interviews and candidate socials at WACE 2022.

Institutions must register by March 18th to participate. 



The Programs Committee is providing a hub where employers can interview candidates before the start of the conference on Sunday, April 3rd from 8am until 4pm. Employers will be provided a (shared) room, tables, chairs and internet access.

Candidate Socials

The Programs Committee is providing an opportunity for candidates and potential employers to mix and mingle on Wednesday, April 6th from 9am-10am before the closing brunch. Institutions will be grouped with like Institutions. Light refreshments will be available. Digital social invitations will be made for institutions to share with candidates they wish to invite.


For questions, please email or


Are you job searching? We have a handful of institutions with various open positions who will be conducting interviews at WACE. If you are interested, please make sure to fill out this short survey below.


Just upload a resume and indicate which positions you are interested in.