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WACUHO Executive Committee positions will open soon! It is not too early to start thinking about your candidacy to be a part of the WACUHO Executive Committee next year.

2023 is the year to be INTENTIONAL, INVEST, and INCLUSIVE in your professional development by taking the lead in our organization.

Elections will take place on April 18, 2023 at WACE in Henderson, NV.

Express your interest or nominate someone at

Deadline for submission: Thursday, March 3, 2023

One-Year Commitment Positions

Vice President


Member Large North

Member Large Central

Member Large South

Two-Year Commitment Positions



Communications & Technology Coordinators (2)*


*appointed positions selected at a later date

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the time commitment?

Executive Committee members are expected to attend**:

  • 2 day in-person transition meeting in June

  • 2 day in-person meeting in Fall.

  • 2-3 day in-person meeting in Winter1 day in-person meeting the Saturday before WACE.

  • Monthly 1-1.5 hour phone/video conference meetings.

Other responsibilities will vary based on position responsibilities and committee liaisons.

**Executive travel expenses are paid for by the association in accordance with the WACUHO Travel Policy in the Leadership Manual. Expenses exceeding the per diem allowance are the responsibility of the Executive Committee member**


What is the application process?

Express your interest or be nominated by someone using the link below by March 5th. All confirmed candidates will be asked to submit a picture, written candidate statement, and a one minute video. 

Candidate information will be distributed to WACUHO members via WAVES and the WACUHO website.

For candidates attending WACE, there will be a candidate orientation, and candidates will be introduced at one of the lunches. President-elect candidates will be asked to make a short speech. Elections and results will take place during the Annual Business Meeting at WACE.


How do elections work?

At the Annual Business Meeting during WACE, each institution has one voting representative, though everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting. This is often the Senior Housing Officer or a designee. Each member institution gets 1 vote per position. Candidate information will be distributed before WACE online and in WAVES, and institutions should caucus before the Annual Business Meeting to decide who to vote for. Paper ballots are counted during the meeting and if there are any ties, a run-off vote is taken. Positions are elected by a simple majority and announced at the end of the Annual Business Meeting.


Am I qualified to serve on Exec?

To be a member of the Executive Committee, you must be employed by a member institution. There are no experience or years of service prerequisites to serve on the Executive Committee. For positions such as President/President Elect or Treasurer, it is recommended that candidates have past experience serving on committees or other involvement in the association for better context and understanding of processes.


Do I have to attend WACE to be elected?

There are a number of benefits to you and your candidacy by attending WACE! Some of these include the ability to attend the candidate session, expand your network, and observe the current Executive Committee member responsibilities. However, if circumstances do not allow for you to be in attendance, it is not a candidacy requirement.

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