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Are you a New Professional or a first-time attendee? Never been to the Henderson, NV area? Need a reminder of things to prepare for WACE? This page is for you! Read through below for some reminders of things to bring. do, and remember!

WHat's The
Weather Like?



The following meals are provided by WACE; prepare to feed yourself outside of these times.

  • Sunday Opening Banquet

  • Monday Breakfast

  • Monday Awards and Recognition Lunch

  • Tuesday Breakfast

  • Tuesday Lunch with Exhibitors

  • Tuesday Grand Banquet

  • Wednesday Closing Brunch



  • Address: 12300 Las Vegas Blvd S, Henderson, NV 89044 

  • Phone Number: (702) 797-1000

  • Hotel Parking: Included in your Daily Resort Fee.

  • Directions to Conference: Click Here!

How To Thrive @ WACE:

Tips from prior attendees!

  • "Be sustainable and alert! Bring a thermal coffee mug and fill it up with coffee or tea for an all day beverage. Bring a water bottle too!"

  • "You might want to stick to the same sessions as your friends, but venture out!  Gain twice the knowledge and share the information with each other afterwards."

  • "Carry a few snacks with you to munch on! I don’t like being "hangry" during sessions, so this helps me out a lot!"

  • "Go to the Exhibits Hall, fill out your WANGO card, but also get to know vendors and their products. A connection might just come in handy someday, and may better prepare you for your own advancement in the field."

  • "Sign up to volunteer! It's an easy and quick way to get to know others, and it's a way we can all contribute to running a successful and smooth conference."

  • "Get involved within the organization and sign up to be a member of a committee!"

  • "Participate in the Night on the Town!"

  • "Attend the Annual Business Meeting. See how the organization governs. Maybe it's for you, maybe it's not, but it's worth exploring."

  • "If you like to exchange business cards, bring them!"

  • "There's lots of walking between sessions and activities, so bring comfortable shoes and socks!"


What To Wear

​What should I wear for the conference?

  • WACE does not set a dress code for the conference. We suggest dressing comfortably and representing your best self – whatever that means for you.

  • During sessions and social activities, many are dressed in smart casual or comfortable clothes.

  • On Tuesday, we encourage you to wear your institution's swag to show your spirit throughout the morning exhibits and afternoon sessions. We cannot wait to see all the cool institutions' swag displayed this day!

  • During the Tuesday evening banquet, you'll find that some people move up to something a little dressier. This is not required.

  • If you intend to use the fitness center, make sure to bring workout clothes!

  • Likewise, bring whatever swim gear you like for spa time at SPA Mio or swim/lounge time at the M Pool. General entrance Spa Passes are $25 per day.



Two words: Get Involved. It's easy to make a new friend or connection at WACE if you plug yourself into the organization. Here are some handy ways to meet your fellow professionals.

  • New Professionals / Mid-Level Professionals Welcome: Attend the welcome social on Sunday night for your level! These socials are aimed at helping you meet others with similar careers and responsibilities to you.

  • Affinity Socials: Bond with your fellow queer professionals (GSAN), professionals of color (WNPOC), the women of WACUHO (WOW), parents of WACUHO (PEP Squad), and more at various affinity socials taking place throughout the conference!

  • Volunteer: Meet others by lending a hand! WACUHO thrives on the service of it's volunteers; there's no better way to integrate yourself into the world of WACE than to be an integral part of it.

  • Karaoke Night: Secretly the next Beyonce or Ed Sheeran? It's your time to shine.

  • The Hospitality Suite: This is a place to grab a snack, play a board game, and/or just take a breather. It's a more intimate space outside the busy-ness of the conference, and it's a great place to strike up a conversation with a new friend.

  • The Exhibits Hall: Meet our exhibitors! Many also join us for the vendor luncheon and some banquet dinners. Friends in supporting businesses can be great connections.

  • Night On The Town: If you're not off with a vendor for dinner, feel free to connect with the New Professionals for evening activities.

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