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Greetings WACUHO, and Welcome to WACE 2023!

This year's conference theme is ALL IN - Inclusion, Investment, Intentionality.

When thinking about what "ALL IN" means to me, I picture the following:


Andy Headshot.jpg

I see myself surrounded by the incredibly diverse and beautiful people that represent our association, we're all together and investing these metaphorical poker chips labeled "our time", "mentorship", "knowledge", "mental space", and "highs, and lows" into this conference. We have every intention of hitting a winning hand and we are laser-focused on what will happen next. Turns out we WIN BIG at WACE 2023 and we're excited about coming back to our respective homes to share the wealth!


I hope that by attending WACE 2023 you are able to immerse yourself in everything our association has to offer. WACUHO and the WACE 2023 team are curating an experience that will focus on all of us. Being "ALL IN" means that we're creating spaces for everyone inclusive of where you are at in your career in Housing. From new professionals to SHOs and from Facilities to Residence Life.


WACE 2023 is comprised of an incredibly dedicated team led by our fearless Tri-Chairs! This no-host institution conference is the work of a passionate network of WACUHO members. They will be spending months planning every detail of this conference to ensure that it's "in the cards" for WACE 2023! We will have engaging presentations, thoughtful networking opportunities, and great hospitality!


As a born and raised Las Vegas native, I can tell you that I'm incredibly excited about the opportunity to visit the M Hotel in Henderson! We have selected a beautiful hotel and conference center with lots of great areas for us to get together, meet, and play!


We can't wait to see you on April 16-19, 2023!


Andy Garate

President of WACUHO

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